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All Categories > Tube Mill & Pipe Mill Components & Upgrades > Tube Dedimplers > Item #2 Dedimpler  
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Item #2 Dedimpler, Tube Dedimplers

T&H Lemont's automatic tube dedimplers quickly and efficiently remove all indentations from the cut ends of tubes and pipes up to 5 inches in diameter. We can incorporate our dedimplers into any of our mill systems to produce complete, dependable pipe producing solutions.

Unit of Measure: Imperial Metric Both


Diameter Rounds

0.5 to 3 in

Wall Thickness Max

0.095 in

Standard Lengths

30 in. to 10 ft.

Maximum Length

up to 40 ft. with additional tube support

Construction and Function

The general arrangement of the T&H Lemont dedimpling machine is a rigid base frame with a stationary dedimpling head at the upstream end of the tube flow and a movable head at the downstream end of the tube flow. This movable head adjusts closer or farther from the stationary head for the various tube lengths. The movable head is locked in position with two compressed air clamps at the desired tube length. A single push/pull air switch mounted on the rear of the movable head operates these clamps. When unloaded, the movable head rises on spring loaded cam rolls that allows easy movement to adjust length and reload clamps. A walking-beam transfer mechanism is mounted on each head and is driven via a hex shaft running the length of the machine. The shaft is driven with an A.C. variable speed drive.

The function of this machine begins with a short inclined chute that accepts tube lengths from your accumulation table. The tube lengths gravity feed to a stop that is adjustable for tube diameter changes. The walking beam transfer units indexes each tube into centerline saddles to allow the rotating inside diameter plugs to enter the tube I.D. and rotate against the O.D. pressure roll. Two and one quarter revolutions of the tube are all that is necessary to remove the dimple. The tube rotates through this function and is released as the I.D. plugs retract and the walking beam ejects the tube length onto a short exit accumulation chute.

Change Over/Tooling Change

Stripper plate removal is accomplished by loosening the two (2) bolts that hold the stripper plate locks in place and rotating the locks 90 degrees. The stripper plate is then slide out of its holder. The dedimpler plug is removed by loosening the two (2) set-screws that retain it and by inserting and tapping the supplied removal wedge in the spindle slot. Installation is accomplished by reversing the process with the exception of inserting the wedge. Once the new tooling is in place the tube stops and saddles must be adjusted for the new tube size along with the clearance between the plug and pressure roller. Complete changeover (tube size and length) can easily be accomplished by one trained operator in less than 10 minutes.

Optional Motorized Movable Head Positioning System

To reduce time and labor due to dedimpler length change, an automated electronic length change option for the moveable head is available. This option incorporates a gear-motor and drive chain arrangement to shuttle the movable head in position for the various lengths of tubing to be run. An operator interface with digital readout, along with the required push buttons and switches, are built into an upgraded operator control panel. These controls allow for the locking/unlocking of the moveable head and the programmed length change adjustments of the moveable head within the length range capacity of the dedimpler.



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